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You got engaged. YAY!. You picked a date. HECK YA! You booked your photographer. INCREDIBLE! Now your photographer is talking about engagement pictures, and your fiance (and okay.. you) are wondering why you even need to get this set of pictures done when you are only months away from getting your wedding pictures taken

Why You Should Take Engagement Pictures

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Madelyn & Clayton tied the knot on Saturday, September 10, 2022 in Golden, IL. They were surrounded by their friends and family. The day was full of so much love, and I know you hear that ALL the time about wedding days, but this one. This one stood out to me.

Madelyn & Clayton Thompson – September 10, 2022

engagement pictures

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I traveled to Macon, MO for Evie & Quinn’s engagement pictures as that is where their love story takes place. We visited an urban and rural setting for a perfect mix of locations in their pictures.

Evie & Quinn – Engagement Session